How To Use PR To Protect Your Brand Online


How To Use PR To Protect Your Brand Online

There certainly are more benefits than drawbacks to using the Internet for business.

If your company doesn’t makes use of online marketing and PR tools, you surely leave a lot of money on the table. You shouldn’t be surprised to see your market share plummeting and your brand awareness fading away.

At Walker Sands, we know that the interactive nature of the internet can harm your company and your brand. Negative comments and various rumors can affect the image of your company, chasing away your potential clients. It is our duty and our job to develop compelling PR strategies and tactics meant to protect your brand online. Here are a few of the most effective ways we can do this.

Positive Mentions

Search for your company name of for your brand in Google. If you spend enough time on it, you’ll surely find some negative mentions about your products or about your business. Hopefully, these negative mentions are buried deep under a wealth of positive comments and raving reviews. Good PR can make sure negative mentions aren’t too easy to find. Although it isn’t possible to remove negative comments from the web, we can use PR to create positive news that will push those negative mentions down the search results pages, where very few users can find them.

Online Monitoring

Staying on top of your brand’s online image can be extremely time consuming. Fortunately, advanced technologies can help you streamline this process. A solid PR strategy makes use of these modern monitoring solutions, in order to stay on top of all these news and mentions. It prevents the likes of RipOff report and others causing issues.


Your core brand messages can’t ever be mentioned enough. The repetition of these marketing and promotional messages through online PR activities, and across all social media channels is the way to go if you want to strengthen your brand image and to prevent your messages from fading away in the multitude of signals that demand for attention. With each and every additional mention, you get one step closer to reaching the top of search engines, thus being more effective at communicating your marketing messages to a sharply targeted audience.

Industry Mentions

If you have to counteract negative mentions or comments on social media and in various online discussion groups, you should use PR to generate industry mentions that speak highly of your company.

Damage Control

Every company may have to face a PR crisis at least once. Should this happen to you, the Walker Sands team will create a high volume of positive mentions that would tip the scales in your favor. Done fast, this can save your company from disaster.

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